800 Fill Power Down Comforter Reviews – 2015’s Best 800 Fill Power Down Comforters

Loft and luxurious, a down comforter is perhaps the zenith of an ideal bedding arrangement. Built for warmth, but not very hot, the right down comforter makes your sleeping surface a cozy cloud. Of all the covering materials available, down is perhaps the ideal one, as it is lofty and light, yet quite breathable. Dissimilar to feathers, down is a lofty coating clustered underneath the waterfowls’ feathers protecting them from harmful elements. Majority of down is obtained from the belly of ducks and geese, which comes in contact with water and retains the warmness in bird.

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For several decades, we have been dependent upon the down for comfort and warmth. Right since the 14th Century, Europeans used down to layer up their mattresses and today, it is being used to layer comforters and duvets. Durable and filling, quality down has been something that is used in almost all generations of past 600 years. Considering today, you are likely to get good down in different bedding accessories, including comforters. While buying a comforter of any size for your bedding, the most significant aspect to consider is the fill power, which is basically a measurement of fluffiness of the down.

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The Power of Fill Power

Fill power is known through a value that is typically in the hundreds and represents the number of cubic inches one ounce a down fills. For instance, an ounce of 500 fill power consumes 500 square inches of space, while 800 fill power consumes 800 square inches. In simple terms, fill power measures volume of the down.

Down vs Feather vs Feather and Down Power

The fill power is for three material options namely, down, feather, and feather and down blend. However, it is the down that wins the race because it lasts longer, has no quills for poking, and is more resilient. However, it is also most expensive of all three options. In case of feather, you are not ensured of durability and protection from poking due to contained quills, although it costs less. Further, it also does not have any fill power rating. Durability is also not ensured in case of feather and down blends, but they do not go flat like feather construction.

Down clusters are, therefore, the most preferred ones. They are round and spherical, and appear like the dandelion’s head. They are almost of the same size, although it is dependent upon the down quality.

Down Clusters and their Fill Powers

The natural spherical shape of down clusters is responsible for giving loft to a down comforter. This loft is a result of the cluster incessantly trying to regain its naturally round shape. The more the down clusters are also known as fill weight represented in ounces, the firmer the comforter is.

Similarly, having a higher fill power such as around 700 and 800 means you get a lighter and warmer comforter. This is because the fluffier down comes with a higher level of insulating power, which means it is capable capturing more air. As a result, less down is required to fill the same space than a down of lower fill power of say, 550. The latter down with low fill power, therefore, requires bulkiness to obtain the same amount of warmth. In short, the highest quality comforters come with high fill power so that they are extremely lightweight and optimally warm. In layman terms, the more the fill power, the better is the comforter.

The Best Down Fill Power: 800?

Obviously, one question in your mind shall be which fill power is best for me. Well, as a rule of thumb, the higher the fill power, the better is the quality. However, this does not signify that 700 or 600 fill power down is of inferior quality. All clusters from 600 to 800 fill power are believed to be of premium quality. Anything below 600 is typically of commercial quality usually preferred for filling stuffed toys and furniture.

Typically, a larger down cluster is considered of higher quality also because it comes from an older bird. The smaller clusters, say of 600, come from less mature, smaller birds. So, apart from the weight and power, it is also the source of supply that contributes to the overall quality. However, 800 fill power clusters are costlier, as they are limited in supply but more in demand because all of us need finest quality. Moreover, extending the lifespan of the birds to produce such high quality is time consuming, need much labor, and is pricey.

As a tip, consider looking for brands that reveal the bird treatment in case you wish to know their acquirement of down. Most hand-harvest the down at the time of molting season. Moreover, more young birds molt or shed than older birds, making 600 fill power down clusters more available as well as affordable.

600 fill power comforters are quality comforters offering optimal warmth, but they may be too warm in rooms where thermostat at 70+ degrees Fahrenheit. They come with maximum loft, offer hypo-allergenic build, and are resilient and versatile. Coming to 700 fill power comforters, they have an excellent quality with a tag of a bit pricier. They are larger than a 600 fill power option and, therefore, offer higher quality. They are also more durable as well as resilient than a 600 fill power cluster. An 800 fill power comforter is the most luxurious and finest one, with a cluster measuring more than a US quarter. The three-dimensional spherical shape of the clusters and enormous size make it the most resilient as well as longest-lasting one.

Because quality is directly proportional with the fill power, the power of 800 is perhaps the finest as well as the most consistent one. It is larger, better in quality, longer in terms of lifespan, and more insulating for a warmer sleep. However, there are some more factors to consider for getting the best quality, as follows:

  • Source of down fill (region or bird: such as European, Canadian, Siberian, Asian, and Hungarian (the most expensive)
  • The process and place of cleaning, such as the number of steps involved and the number of times the process is repeated
  • The actual percentage of down cluster (50%, 75%, 95%)

Moreover, you also need to consider the climate as well as your sleep preferences. Most comforter are light in weight and are designed for all season comfort. However, the difference can be in terms of weight or amount of fill in terms of ounces. You may also need to look at the design such as baffle box or sewn through. The former one is more popular, wherein the comforter is loosely quilted to form a grid so that the filling is evenly distributed throughout the comforter. This is also responsible for the down to achieve maximum loft and preventing the slide up to the bottom.

Right now in the market, you can come across different types of down comforters, which are labeled in order of quality. While a few comforters have a ‘pure down’ label or ‘100% down’, they may not be truly pure because of some feathers mixed in the fill. However, in many states, a comforter with 75% down is considered 100% pure. Keeping this in mind, you may spot types such as Hungarian, Siberian, Goose, Goose feather and down, Duck feather, and Duck feather and down. However, of all, the Siberian Goose Down is the finest option for comforters. Derived from geese residing in quite cold climates, it is the most durable as well as heaviest of all the downs with 800 fill power.

Top 5 800 Fill Power Down Comforters

To make your selection process easier and quicker, here are our top 5 picks.

Grey Goose Down Comforter by DOWNLITE:

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Available in oversize king and oversize queen sizes; a heavy weight and extra warm comforter with 300 thread count jacquard cotton build, adequate loftiness, made in USA label, hypo-allergenic French origin grey goose down, and machine washable and dryable ability.

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White Goose Hypo-Down Bed Comforter by Ogallala Comfort Company:

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00LDFH0E0″ locale=”US” tag=”downcomfo-20″]White Goose Hypo-Down Bed Comforter by Ogallala Comfort Company[/easyazon_link]

Available only in full size of 54×75 inches; an USA-made comforter with 100% cotton build, white goose hypodown, and a mix of 70% white goose down and 30% milkweed natural fiber or Syriaca clusters

White Goose Hypo-Down Bed Comforter by Ogallala Comfort Company: Available only in California king size of 72×84 inches and inheriting all features of the above mentioned comforter from the same company.

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Himalaya 100% Siberian White Goose Down Comforter by Downright:

[easyazon_link identifier=”B011AGC73K” locale=”US” tag=”downcomfo-20″]Grey Goose Down Comforter by DOWNLITE[/easyazon_link]


Available in full, twin, queen, and king sizes; a made in the USA and made in Germany comforter with 354 thread count, pure German cotton sateen fabric shell, 100% hypoallergenic and Siberian goose down of highest quality, Oeko-Tex standard3 exceeded, and three-dimensional baffle box stich design averting shifting and promoting even fill distribution.

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Royal Hotel Collection White Goose Down Comforter by Sheetsnthings:

[easyazon_link identifier=”B009NK4J46″ locale=”US” tag=”downcomfo-20″]Royal Hotel Collection White Goose Down Comforter by Sheetsnthings[/easyazon_link]

Available only in full/queen size of 90 x 90 inches; an extremely soft touch and durable comforter with 100% Egyptian cotton, 50 oz. of goose down filling, 500 thread-count cover, hypo-allergenic and allergy free ability, box stitch construction for even distribution of fill, and sateen solid build.

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European White Goose Down Comforter by Northwood Down:

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Available in king, queen, twin, full, twin/full, and king/full sizes; a made in USA comforter with European white goose down, 366 thread count, 100% pure cotton, 61 oz. of fill weight, and hypo-allergenic ability.

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In conclusion,

You can simply browse our review section to look for more 800 fill power down comforters. We are sure you will get your 800 power comforter here, without hunting for it at other sites.

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