700 Fill Power Down Comforter Reviews – 2015’s Best 700 Fill Power Down Comforters

Commonly used for making comforters and duvets, down is obtained from below the feathers of water birds. However, not all down is identical. For example, down from mature and larger birds render better loft as well as more insulating power. Technically, such down has a higher fill power than those from immature and small birds.

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Fill power is actually the universal rating scale for measuring the duck and goose down. Although it is not so easy to measure, comprehending the different scales is essential for choosing the ideal down comforter.

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Overview of Fill Power

Fill power is the volume one ounce of down shall consume upon expansion. This is measured in terms of cubic inches. As a rule, the higher this power is, the better are the warmth and quality levels. In simple terms, a comforter of higher quality shall weigh less than a lower and heavier quality one, but still render more loftiness, warmth, and lightweight comfort.

In tangible terms, fill power is displayed as a number, usually stitched somewhere on the external area of the comforter or duvet. Most down comforters are available in the range of fill power from 500 (good fill power) to 800 (very high fill power), indicating the volume of a single gram of down when completely fluffed up. You may even find 1000 fill power but the comforters of this kind are very limited due to which they are quite expensive. The best quality down comforters usually lie between 650 and 800 fill power.

A higher quality down, for example with a fill power of 700-800, captures more insulating air pockets than the one with a lower fill power, between it’s fine filaments. This is why the down expands to consume more space per gram. Technically, the more the air pockets are trapped, the warmer you will feel, which is essential for people living in cold regions or winter season. In short, the higher the fill power, the warmer it will be for its weight.

High Power Fill + More Down Quantity = More Warmth Level

Just because there is a higher fill power, it does not necessarily indicate that it will be warmer. Even the quantity of down contributes to the level of warmth. For instance, a comforter with 80 ounces of 550 fill down will provide more warmth than the one with 60 ounces of 700 fill down. Nevertheless, the drawback is that the former will weigh more than the latter. At the same time, the former is likely to be far less compressible because of less air to be pressed out.

In brief, you require a lot of low down fill power to do the same task as a small amount of high fill power! This gives us a heavy and cumbersome lower fill power down comforters. However, when temperature go down below the normal level, it is only a high fill power comforter that comes as a reliever. It offers all the warmth a sleeper needs, while being lighter in weight as well as compressible enough to permit adequate movement. This makes a high fill power down comforter a rational investment for surviving and sleeping well in cold days.

Fill Power Affecting Pricing and Suitability

Regardless of the goose or duck chosen, each is capable of yielding only a small amount of the down clusters. In most cases, a standard goose yields 100g of down, of which only a small quantity is considered to be of adequate quality for a high fill power down comforter. This is the main reason why higher fill power down comforters are always costlier than those having a lower fill power. Nevertheless, as explained above, the benefits in terms of compressibility as well as weight make them worthy for investment.

However, it should be noted that a high fill power is not necessarily better for everyone. If you need a down comforter to keep you warm in an urban area where it is usually not too cold around the year or around a ski resort where all means exist to make you feel warm. In these situations, the weight shall not matter much and that you can save your money easily. In fact, you will find several urban comforters with 550 – 600 fill power and yet offering great warmth along with cool looks.

The Benefits of Choosing 700 Fill Power Down

A comforter with 700 fill power down ability sits between the 650 and 800 fill power points in much demand. It is considered an excellent quality comforter and offers optimal warmth. Most options with this power are luxurious and designed for people living in regions having cold climate. They are perhaps the lightest ones offering the warmest level. However, it should be noted that this level of warmth can be too much for those whose thermostat is maintained at 70+ degrees Fahrenheit.

Factors to Look for While Choosing 700 Fill Power Down Comforter

  • Cover Fabric: Do look for a high thread count and firmly woven still lightweight shell or cover. The thread count indicates the number of threads in one square inch area of fabric. The more the thread count, the lighter and softer is the comforter. The weave’s tightness holds the fill and averts feathers from poking via small down pieces. In simple terms, the fabric’s lightness helps the fill to puff up. Similarly, do also check out the down proofness in terms of millimeters. The lower this measure is, the better down proof barrier is the cover. This measurements shows how much air can go through the fabric. In case of no idea, go for a down comforter with a cover of high thread count, at least 300 and above.
  • Cleanliness: Agreeable government standards exist for cleanliness of down filled in comforters. It is a chief aspect for determining how better the hypoallergenic nature of the comforters is. A few comforters need to be washed several times for getting rid of organic matter, dirt, and dust.
  • Construction: The technique used to quilt or stitch a comforter contributes to the overall quality. As a rule of thumb, better quality artisanship indicates less risk of stitching to break as well as more durability. Most down comforters with 700 fill power typically feature a baffle box stitch or sewn through box stitch. A genuine baffle box stitch uses an internal fabric wall, for letting the fill to puff up more, which gives a fluffier and stronger comforter distributing warmth evenly without leaving any cold spots. On the other hand, a sewn through box stitch is ideal for a lighter weight comforter.
  • Piping: Consider this design type if you wish to have a good look while using the comforter without a duvet cover. Made by sewing around the edges, the piping material runs around the external edge.
  • Weight: Fill power and weight both are responsible for making a down comforter warmer than normal. Obviously, the goal here is to maximize the warmth while minimizing the weight. For this, you need to pick a higher fill power having down and down pieces, not feathers. After choosing the fill power, select a higher fill weight so that you can enjoy extra warmth.

Top 5 700 Fill Power Down Comforters

To make your selection process easier and quicker, here are our top 5 picks.

Supremium Hungarian Goose Down Comforter by Warm Things:

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Available in twin, queen, and king sizes; a medium weight warmth provider featuring 700 fill power Hungarian goose down, 390 thread count, true baffle box construction, down proof 100% cotton shell, hypo-allergenic build, lightest and fluffiest feel, and most luxurious make; consider this one if you do not know where to start.


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European Goose Down Comforter by Blue Ridge Home Fashion:

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00GJ9S3WI” locale=”US” tag=”downcomfo-20″]European Goose Down Comforter by Blue Ridge Home Fashion[/easyazon_link]

Available in twin, queen, full, and king sizes; an USA-made comforter with 100% Egyptian cotton cover, 1000 thread count, 14-Inch baffled box design with self-piping and double stitching, 45 oz. fill weight, hypoallergenic European white goose down fill, and dry clean only ability.

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Siberian White Down Comforter by Hotel Collection:

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00GJ9C8AG” locale=”US” tag=”downcomfo-20″]Siberian White Down Comforter by Hotel Collection1[/easyazon_link]

Available only in king size of 110 x 96 inches; a medium weight comforter with 450-thread count cotton, 54 oz. of fill weight, Siberian white down fill, loft 100% cotton down proof cover, sewn-thru 12” baffle box construction, and dry clean only ability.

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Royal Hotel Collection White Goose Down Comforter by Sheetsnthings:

[easyazon_link identifier=”B009NK4J46″ locale=”US” tag=”downcomfo-20″]Royal Hotel Collection White Goose Down Comforter by Sheetsnthings[/easyazon_link]

Available only in full/queen size of 90 x 90 inches; an extremely soft touch and durable comforter with 100% Egyptian cotton, 50 oz. of goose down filling, 500 thread-count cover, hypo-allergenic and allergy free ability, box stitch construction for even distribution of fill, and sateen solid build.

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Siberian White Down Comforter by Hotel Collection:

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00GJ9C8AG” locale=”US” tag=”downcomfo-20″]Siberian White Down Comforter by Hotel Collection[/easyazon_link]

Available only in King size of 100×96 inches; a Siberian white down fill comforter with 700 fill power, 54 oz. fill weight, 400-thread count cotton, and only dry clean ability.

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Do you want to look at more 700 fill down comforters? Yes! There are some more worth looking comforters with 700 down fill. You can simply browse our review section on this site so that you can quickly as well as easily spot your most comfortable and suitable king down comforter here, without having to go anywhere else.

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