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Having a good deep sleep in your bed gives you the wellness you need as you wake. Not only pillows or beds give you the extra comfy feeling that you felt, but also the mattress. A down comforter is actually used in beddings for many years already. It is an expensive and luxurious type of clothing that is usually made of the finest feathers of geese or duck, commonly from the Eider Duck. It became famous for the Eider down’s natural insulating capability that absorbs heat from your body. Although, only a seasonally limited supply of Eiderdown is produced (considered as an Endangered Species), the geese feathers are generally used in this type of comforter.

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Features of this Product – Down Comforters

A down comforter is a thick and fluffy quilt that is made of down. Down commonly comes from the fine feathers of geese or duck. This kind of comforter enlightens up your mood with the light, soft, and warm material that will best for your bed. As its down are laid flat on the sheet, its form has been liked by most buyers due to its appearance as “bushy” that result to having a soft covering on your body. Though its shape and form provide utmost comfort, it does not make the entire quilt heavy. Nevertheless, down comforters are really good in absorbing the heat while freeing the moisture. This extraordinary feature is called as wicking.


Another feature of this down comforter is the fill weight. Fill weight is the quality of the down wherein once washed, the down occupies space for around 700 cubic inches compared to the average one that only occupies at least 300 or 500 cubic inches. Thus, its sense to fill the free space would accommodate a much fluffier comforter that you would ever experience. It absorbs more warmth from your body that will help you sleep comfortably.

To prevent the down from distributing unevenly from the comforter, manufacturers make use of baffle boxing or sewn through stitching. This is done to continually make such compartments for the down to remain fluffy from stitching. Baffle boxing is the newest way to assure that the down will not limit or destroy its properties and are packed in the inner compartments of the quilt. Although electric blanket is warm, it is not good for our health. In fact, the electromagnetic field may be the cause of the problems when left throughout the night. Unlike in down comforters, customers who bought this product will sure to have a slice of heaven with its light, soft and warm producing properties.

It is good to say that aside from its natural benefits of using the best down comforter, it is also made as hypoallergenic. It prevents you from any kind of allergy that may arise from the down. Manufacturers are aware of producing hypoallergenic products in order to decrease allergic reactions from the customers.

Facts Of Down Feathers

1. Eider Down (an endangered species) is hand harvested by some experts. The color of the down depends upon the season. During winter months, the color turns from white into gray. Meanwhile, when summer season beats, its color turns to brown. But generally, its color is definitely white.

2. Brownish or grayish down are also piled up into the comforter. But it is not aesthetically good to see, yet functional. This is based on the month which it is harvested. It is better to let its natural color stay than bleaching it white because the natural structure of the down breaks when bleached.

3. Eiderdown materials that are used in comforters or pillows are considered to be the finest among other kinds of feathers in the world. Thus, it is also considered as a luxurious type.

How long is the down comforter’s performance last and cost?

Compared to other products thedown comforters last longer than its synthetic counterparts. This is due to the materials used on the product. Feathers of the down are literally bulky in weight and have finer clusters than the ordinary feathers. This will truly give you a good night sleep with the warmth that lets the air be trapped between the natural fibers. Unlike in feathers, it does not last longer than the down. The feather easily loses its fluffiness and contains quills that can make you uncomfortable. This easily goes flat in shape making it lessen the warmth it should contain.

What is the Best Fill Power for the Down?

As the rule of thumb says, let us follow that “the greater the fill, the greater the quality. “ Down comforters may experience 600, 700, or 800 fill power. But the necessary fill power must be higher enough to make it the finest of all. On the other hand, as the fill power increases, the down cluster is larger. And as the down cluster is larger, the higher the quality it would maintain in order to trap more air and become warmer during cold nights.

Different Types of Fill Power

1. 800 Fill Power Hungarian Goose Down Cluster – Compared to the luxurious type of fill available, 800 Fill Power Hungarian goose down is the best. Its size is comparatively larger than the quarter size of the US. It is a three-dimensional shape of a cluster that makes the down long lasting. It insulates more heat when used in down comforters, making it warmer when used.

2. 700 Fill Power Hungarian Goose Down Cluster – it is larger than the 600 fill power and offers higher quality. It is cleaned by a multistep process to make sure that the down reaches the maximum loft. Thus, it provides a long lasting life.

3. 600 Fill Power Hungarian Goose Down Cluster – Due to its smaller cluster than the 700 or 800 fill power, a natural cleaning is necessary to keep its high quality and its life. It is also hypoallergenic.

How to know if it is REAL or ALTERNATIVE?

Assuring yourself in purchasing the best down comforter will be a great help in your sleep. Here is a list of the comparison of real down comforters from the down alternative comforters.

1. To determine the real down comforters, down comforters are made up of geese or duck feathers. They are literally fluffy and thick in form while the alternative down comforters is only made of synthetic materials that look like a real one. It is commonly made up of polyesters or rayon.

2. The price of a real down is really expensive as it is indicated above that the feathers are from the Eider. It is an endangered species, however, a high quality of down is now used in the manufacturing thus, making it more costly than the alternative brands. Although some of the alternatives present prices closer to the down, you can make sure out of it through inspecting its quality.

3. A down comforter is warmer than the alternatives. Compared to the synthetic comforter, you are able to know its differences through weighing. The real down comforter weighs lighter and provides heat, meanwhile, the alternative is much heavier due to its synthetic materials that were used.

4. In washing and cleaning your comforter, down comforters must be properly dried before using. Because its fiber is easily destroyed by the use of regular detergents compared to the synthetic. It loses down its fluffiness while alternatives stay the same in characteristics since it is made of synthetic materials.

5. Many people are allergic to feathers of the animals, triggering their allergies. However, some down comforters are made to be hypoallergenic to keep you from the allergens. On the other hand, alternatives cause allergic reactions due to the synthetic materials used.

6. Down comforters are very sensitive when washed. It can easily tear if improperly cared. So, to avoid this, moderate care is the key to making it last longer. On the other hand, alternatives are not that sensitive enough so you can throw it into the washing machine and let it dry, however, the particles of the synthetic material loses its fluffiness thus resulting todamage. Though, if you have children or pets at home, alternatives are the best choice for your family. It provides a less hassle in washing and also comes at a lower price compared to the down comforters.


Knowing the benefits that we may gain in purchasing down comforters will let us be educated in its properties and limitations in washing. Below is a list of its advantages.

1. The best goose down comforter is generally made of the finest feathers of geese and ducks that make our comforter lighter, fluffy, soft and warm. It is hard for an alternative to duplicate its much-owned characteristics due to its synthetic materials. Although it looks similar when it comes to thickness, if you rest under the layer of this quilt, you would feel less comfortable. This is due to the air trapped between the fibers. It provides the ideal warmth than any under alternatives, though.


2. It is hypoallergenic. Consumers who are suffering from asthma or any allergies are safe in using down comforters as the down can breathe the air because the natural fibers are kept intact.

3. It is easy to maintain because its fiber last longer. However, it would be expensive than the alternative. But the true quality lies beneath the down comforter. Its value is higher than the synthetic comforter so it will not easily lose its down feathers thus making it more ideal in keeping one warm at night.


You may never avoid your comforter from becoming yellowish or go flat. Down comforters have enemies to monitor them from destroying the down.

1. Moisture – Too much compression crushes the natural fibers on the down. This ultimately destroys the tiny filaments of the cluster from the center of the down. Thus making it fall unevenly and crushing its form.

2. Moisture – Even if the moisture is drawn away from the comforter, the down that is stored for a long period of timeis not successfully freed from the moisture especially when it is stored in the warehouse. The moisture that comes from not properly dried or improper cleaning is still stored on the quilt. So, it is best to dry it thoroughly first to prevent moisture from causing damage to the comforter before storing it.

3. Oil – Oils from your skin, facial creams, lotions, or moisturizing creams are the cause of the yellowing of your quilt. It is being absorbed by the pillow shell down to the down itself. So, in order to avoid this, you may reduce the use of night creams before going to sleep or you can also put cases onto the quilt to avoid the down from absorbing it. Keeping this practice slows down the process of yellowing.

Top 5 Down Comforters

LUXURIOUS Queen Size Siberian GOOSE DOWN All Season Down Comforter

LUXURIOUS Queen Size Siberian GOOSE DOWN All Season Down Comforter

It might become the ideal comforter for your warmth necessities year round. It comes in the queen size, so it measures 90×90 inches. The cover is made of 100% Egyptian cover. As for the thread count, it goes up to 600. The comforter is filled with goose down only – over 750 fill power, as well as 60 ounce fill. From this point of view, the comforter is about 6 inches in thickness. Another good news is that it is hypoallergenic. Even if you suffer from allergies, you will not notice any discomfort.

Puredown All Seasons White Down Comforter Cotton 600 Fill Power, Full/Queen Size

Puredown All Seasons White Down Comforter Cotton 600 Fill Power

It is relatively smaller than the actual queen size, but you do not want it to fall over the edges anyway. All in all, the comforter is square and measures 88×88 inches. The whole package weighs 6 pounds, so it is quite lightweight for the warmth it can provide, not to mention the comfortable feeling. It is filled with 75% white down. The actual fill weighs 36 ounces, while the fill power goes to 600. The cover is made of cotton and can be easily maintained. The whole unit demands dry cleaning for maintenance though.

LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count GOOSE DOWN Comforter

LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count GOOSE DOWN Comforter

It comes in the queen size. It is square and measures 90×90 inches. Although this is nit the queen sizing standard, it will perfectly cover the bed. It is filled with more than 750 fill power and nothing but 100% goose down. All in all, the fill weighs 50 ounces. The cover is made of 1200TC Egyptian cotton for both durability and luxury. Plus, it feels soft and smooth. It is so comfy that you practically feel like covering with a cloud. Worried about potential allergies? Forget about them. This down comforter is hypoallergenic.

Luxurious All Year 100%white Goose Down Comforter Duvet

Luxurious All Year 100white Goose Down Comforter Duvet

It is commercialized by Better Down – a leading name in down comforters and sleeping elements. This comforter is not just extremely comfortable, but it also comes with a lightweight profile. Given its weight, it is mostly recommended for cold falls and springs, as well as winters. It may not be your best choice if you live at the North Pole. Other than that, it comes with 27 ounces of white goose down. It has a 550 fill power. The cover is entirely made of cotton for a more natural feeling, but it comes with 233 threads and a tight construction as well.

Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter – Full/Queen

Pacific Coast European Down Comforter – FullQueen

It can be used on both full and queen beds. It measures 90×98 inches. It is excellent for year round uses and comes with a 650 fill power. Altogether, the fill weighs 34 ounces, so it will not overwhelm you. Also, it is covered in 420 thread Egyptian cotton. When it comes to the down, this comforter comes with Hyperclean Pyrenees down, which is known for its quality standards. The true baffle box design and the barrier WeaveTV fabric add to its comfort. Maintenance is a breeze. You will have to clean the comforter at 3 to 5 years. Dry cleaning is recommended.


There is no doubt that the best rated down comforters are relieving for all those who are suffering from different types of allergies and respiratory disorders such as asthma. Apart from being more durable and versatile than comforters with alterative down, they also last longer. Nevertheless, if you are on a tight or strict budget and do not want to compromise with the quality of a original down, an alternative down comforter is a better option.

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